Friday, June 23, 2006

Virtual MLE

Since everyone's doing it, here's the virtual me. Except my feet are WAAAY bigger than the feet in this picture. And, I have a nose. I couldn't find a picture of two kitties that looked like Loki and Petra, so here's a very fat version of Loki. He's much leaner than this, but this is his coloring.

Oh, and I wanted cargo pants in a khaki green color (my China pants!) but that wasn't an option. I have no idea why I'm forced to make a thumbs up if I want Loki in the picture.

You can make your own here.


Leah said...

CUUUUUTE. Now I can cut you out and invite you to my cocktail party.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

That looks a lot like you, except your hair has blonde highlights and there's not enough "cape" on Loki.