Thursday, September 07, 2006

Flying Solo

OK, for all you fashionistas out there:

What the hell do I wear to this cousin's wedding I'm going to in a few weeks in Sandy Eggo?

a) At the admiral's club on the naval base (uncle is career navy)
b) At 10 AM on a Saturday
c) Probably at least somewhat Jesusy, though these people do dance. But I highly doubt there will be any booze.

I'm guessing we'll be fed lunch but I have no idea how long the reception will go on or whether there will be an afterparty at some relative's house or anything. But I'm kinda stuck on what to wear, because the invitation seems like it might be kinda fancy, though I know my aunt and uncle aren't particularly wealthy, and it's at 10 AM not in the evening, and though it will probably be Jesusy it's not at a church (though there might be a chapel? not sure).

So. What do I wear? (Hulk is too busy with school to go, btw, and I wish I could take Oldest Friend (with whom I am staying) as my date because that would Rock but I've already replied that just *I* am coming, plus she wasn't specifically invited, Hulk was.)


Monkey McWearingChaps said...

I thought your reunion outfit was really nice. Is the colour discouraged at a morning wedding?

MLE said...

I'm not sure about black for a morning wedding, even with pink polka dots. But it is a possibility.

Yank In Texas said...

I don't see a problem with it. Black goes everywhere now.

EEK! said...

I agree about the reunion outfit, it's cute and totally multipurpose festive. But if you think it won't fly in that crowd (I know nothing of San Diego Jesus crowds), go for a cute colorful sundress, with a little cardigan or something over it for climate control. Morning weddings are a good time to break out the "too dressy for any normal brunch" kind of outfits.

-qir said...

Etiquette-wise, black is still frowned upon at weddings, with the possible exception of the Formal Evening wedding.

Morning/Day weddings only require short dresses. Sailor had a similar problem about a year or two ago. She wore a dress that was like a really long polo shirt. >:)

I think most short dresses you own would probably be just fine. I don't know what SanDiego's fog scene is though. Ours is back with a vengeance, and I'd want you to be warm enough.