Monday, September 18, 2006

I looked really hot in the red dress, too.

All things considered, it was a pretty nice weekend. It is quickly becoming fall here even before the equinox, and Saturday was breezy and crisp as only a Colorado autumn day can be. The air has begun to electrify with static and feels sharp on one's skin. After a lovely breakfast and leisurely morning, we wanted to get out of the house, so we walked down to the 16th street mall to people watch and shop.

The dorks were out with their convention badges; the crazies were out with their toeless shoes and dreads in their beards; the tourists were out with their ill-advised wardrobe choices and herd mentality. At TJ Maxx we split up and I ended up trying on a bunch of stuff, including some awesome brown corduroy hippie pants with embroidery on the leg, a going-out shirt, some soft comfy exercise pants, and a fabulous strapless red dress with black sash and crinoline (I didn't buy the dress(noplace to wear it), but I did buy the other stuff). Hulk also managed to find something good, and we moved on to our next stop, Cross Dress for Less.

It was a typical Saturday at everyone's favorite discount store, with hordes of people, stuff thrown everywhere, and shoes without mates or boxes. I found shirts from the Juniors section, a dress labeled size 5/6 (it was the only one, and I kept my fingers crossed), and several other things to try on - including this pretty and stylish green BCBG/Max Azria zip-up sweater made with ribbon yarn shoved on a rack amongst some jeans. I voted no on the skirt (not paying $35 for a skirt from Ross even if it was marked down from $100), yes on some of the shirts, the sweater, and the dress - it fit perfectly and I can wear it (if I find some kind of a shrug or light sweater) to the wedding this weekend - is a silky brown with turquoise and cream dots halter neck.

I went downstairs to show off my loot and Hulk had found some amazing deals, including 2 pairs of designer jeans for $30 and a snowboarding jacket with removable reversible liner, essentially 4 jackets in one, with attached gloves, for $25. We left the store after a minimum of line hell and (after a quick two stops to look at shoes that I didn't buy) got blown home by the wind, which kicked up so hard and fast that one of my bags nearly blew away.

Then we made the ultimate in White People Food for dinner (meatloaf made with ground turkey, herbs from the garden, and a large array of veggies; broccoli; mashed potatoes) and went to bed with smiles on our faces, the "positive ions" (as my mom woulds say) in the air had put us in good moods all day.

Unfortunately, I had terrible nightmares about my dad all night and that clouded all of yesterday. We had another nice, simple breakfast, and walked to the Mayan to go see Little Miss Sunshine, enjoying another breezy sunny fall day. The movie hit a little too close to home in some ways (review forthcoming, I hope) and I was a bit moody the whole way home. Football was watched by one of us (I bet you can guess which - hint: the other of us knitted) and our usual Sunday afternoon and evening routine followed. I didn't get to sleep until quite late and was super grumpy this morning. At least there weren't more nightmares.

I don't know if my dad will be at the wedding. I know my sister and I are dreading to find out that he will be there, showing off his new(er) car purchased with My Mom's Money from the divorce settlement, and if he is there then we've made a pact that we'll help each other through it. Her boyfriend of 4.5 years has been just as privy to the situation as Hulk, so he will be somewhat of a buffer, and I hope Dad (if he's there) will be on good behavior since it *is* a wedding and is his family. My grandma is 87 and I don't know how many more times I will get to see her, and I haven't seen most of that side of the family since the Great Moving MLE Roadtrip of January 2003, so I wanted to go to the wedding in order to see everyone. If my dad is there, we will deal, and we will spend less time with the extended family after the wedding.

I am looking forward to seeing my cousin in all her 8-months gravid glory (I didn't see her PG with kids 1 or 2), and swimming and running with Oldest Friend, and going to a concert with Monkey. I am looking forward to seeing how The Pickiest Eater Alive has dealt with adolescence and how fantastic her dad (my uncle) looks now that he's lost over 200 pounds in the last few years (liquid diet, no surgery). I'm looking forward to spending time with the cousins from the branch of the family I like best, the ones who travel and enjoy life with an open mind, and I hope my grandma is doing OK after her hip replacement last year. No matter what happens, it should be an interesting experience, and if my dad is there, I will deal, and if he isn't there I will dance. But probably not until after the wedding.


Monkey McWearingChaps said...

WPF, lol. I actually really like turkey meatloaf. I made it once. No one else in the house wanted to eat it, though, so it ended as rot.

I'm so excited you're coming out and I hope the wedding goes swimmingly. Whether or not it does, I'm showing you a good time on Sunday.

MLE said...

Sweet. You rule.