Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Buy stuff for me!

Is it just me, or is it difficult to give gift suggestions for oneself?

I spent the last hour and a half trying to think of gift suggestions for my mom/sisters as requested yearly. I thought of a lot of things Hulk might like but just couldn't think of much for myself - the things I would really like are either way too expensive (like a car or a computer), inappropriate (like underwear, I mean who wants to buy their 27 y/o daughter underwear?), or useless (like an MP3 player, because I don't have a computer with which to load it up). Most years I don't have too hard a time coming up with a few good suggestions, but this year has been difficult. I spend most of the time not even thinking about material goods, since I can't afford to buy them for myself, so when it comes time to tell my mom what to buy me I'm at a loss.

One of my sisters never gives any suggestions ("Oh, I don't need anything") so I usually make stuff for her and give her combined presents with her fiance, and the other sister is always direct (this year, she's saving for a trip to Ireland in the spring, so she wants CASH.) I usually think of good things for my mom and never have a hard time buying stuff for Hulk. But if someone gave me a chunk of money and said, buy whatever you want for yourself? I don't know what I would do. I'd probably add it to the savings for the next trip. Or spend it on someone else.

I guess I just have a hard time telling people to buy me stuff. My list ended up being: socks (they need continual replacement due to Lokification), tights, gift cards, a black cardigan. How exciting.

So tell me, internets. What do I want for giftmas?


Monkey McWearingChaps said...

Well, seeing as you are probably one of the most non-materialistic people I know, what you should want for Xmas is a splurgey experience.

How much are they going to spend per person? Because what I would suggest is going to a nice salon for a nice haircut. You have lovely lovely hair and it really makes a difference. Aveda has a base minimum for quality (and you'd probably like their products) but google for "best hair salons in [insert city]" and see what the online reviews have to say.

A good quality salon will probably charge about $50 or so for a haircut (that's what I pay in L.A.). Check the pricing-my Aveda salon nickel and dimes me for everything and that's why I've quit going. An

-qir said...

I can't tell you what you want. I can tell you some of the things that I have seen and thought to myself, Oh, I bet MLE would like that. I think you'd dig the following:

a) Giftcard to the Tattered Cover, as purchased through a Book Sense affiliate.

b) a Calendar. With fairies or travel destinations or perhaps one with organic veggies and a new recipe every month.

c) I saw about 15 pieces of jewelery that I thought you'd like when we popped into that store on Haight street. Most, but not all of it was shades of peridot or that mossy color that in my mind is called MLE Green.

d) your very own copy of Ticket to Ride, so that you don't have to only play it on trips to Norcal.

e) I suspect, but am not certain that you'd like a new handbag if it had a certain vintagey look to it. Or perhaps another capacious shoulder bag that fits all your stuff just so.

f) Lion bars.

My advice to you is the same advice I give to myself. During the year, jot down the things that you come across that you think "oh, that would be nice to have" but don't actually get for yourself for whatever reason. Good luck finding all those notes at the end of the year, but if you do a reasonable job of keeping them, you should have a decent list to pass on to those who want to give you stuff you'd like and can use.

-qir said...

Heck, if you just practice for a couple of months, you should have a good list in time for your birthday.

Hint hint.

-qir said...

Also, perusing shopping blogs might remind you of stuff you've seen over the year that you thought was neat. There's a lot of chaff, but some tasty wheat as well.

I'm partial to mighty goods, but there are others. Google is your friend.

Anonymous said...

My mom was still buying me nighties when I was 35 years old. She just liked to.
But your mom might be different.
A spa/salon visit would indeed be nice. I loved going to Feliz at Indigo Salon on 9th (across from Queen Soopers) because it was a nice relaxing experience, fairly priced and never snooty. I know they do gift certificates.