Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I just blogged to say I love you

In keeping with today's lovey-dovey theme, here's my valentine for all my real-life internet peeps:

I love Hulk because this morning, he told me I don't smell as funny as I normally do.
I love Monkey because she totally put up with my desire for egg tarts in SF, even though we never managed to find them.
I love EEK for driving to Indiana (ugh) to hang out for one night last fall.
I love the Holla for being such a good sport about the German foot-long sausages in a jar that mysteriously appeared in his giftmas stocking.
I love QIR for not only finding me the same fairy earrings I had in high school and had lost one of, but for replacing them when I turned around and immediately lost one (again).
I love Cil because she invited us to the White Stripes concert a few years ago, and it was probably the best concert I ever saw.
I love Leah and Simon for introducing us to the joys of honey martinis and fezzes.
I love Yank in Texas for totally rocking her big-ass Texas Truck.

And I love all the rest of the internets for keeping me entertained, making me think, and helping me feel connected to the world despite my dark basement cube on a daily basis.



EEK! said...

I *Heart* MLE for creating the following thoughtful and beautiful gifts over the years: a ceramic bottle for fairy dust; a kickass framed collage; a hat and scarf set that matches my coat; a kicky brown plaid bag; the most awesome wrist-warmers; the cutest pot holders to ever hold pot.

Your artistry and your generosity both speak to the size and nature of your heart. Much love for MLE.

Leah said...

MWAH to you too! I'm so glad we met.