Monday, March 26, 2007

Good Advice Mondays; project updates

*If you're going to try to hang a bird feeder somewhere in your backyard, and your backyard is frequented by squirrels, don't try. They'll figure out how to get to it homehow, and either chew through the cord or jump on it over and over again until the cord breaks. Then the birdseed will spill out everywhere and they can take their sweet time about stealing and eating it.

*Matisyahu makes excellent workout accompaniment. You don't have to pay attention to the lyrics, but you might wonder about why your born-again cousins are so into him, since he's Hassidic Jewish. I do.

I'm almost halfway done with the current baby blanket, for a little one due in April sometime. It's going pretty quickly, and I hope to have it done before she arrives. Then I've got two more to make for fall. I think I need to make something else in between, though. Definitely need a little break from blanketmaking - I need more immediate gratification, as even quick baby blankets take a long-ass time to knit.

The recipient of the complicated and time consuming blanket was born on Thursday via elective c-section - despite my friend's height and build, they were a little concerned about her trying to push the little guy out, since he was measuring so big. She said they were mostly worried about his shoulder dislocating. So he came into the world nearly two weeks early, weighing 9lbs4oz. Imagine how big he would have been had they waited until her due date! Welcome to the world, baby Neel.

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QIR said...

I am the anti-antidote to Monday good advice.

However, I think you will find this squirrel-flinging birdfeeder amusing.