Monday, April 16, 2007

When Giant Bugs Attack

On Thursday last week, I played hooky so I could hang out with Houseguest, and she, Hulk and I went to the Denver Botanical Gardens. I'd never been there in the early spring before, and the weather was doing its usual Spring in Colorado schizophrenia, vacillating between overcast/cold/windy and drizzling weird snowlike substance. Luckliy, in the earlier part of the day it wasn't precipitating, so we walked to the Garden and took advantage of its nearly deserted state to explore unmolested by children or ladies in red hats.

Currently at the Garden is an exhibit of giant bugs made of various types of wood and other natural materials, and we decided to encounter them as we would, but not to deliberately seek them out. I'm not sure we ended up seeing all of them, but we did like the ones we saw, some in plain view and some hidden in trees or behind things. I played around with my camera's settings a bit to try to get some interesting photos of the flowers that were blooming (it's still a bit early for the Garden to be all floral, plus it was cold and overcast so I'm sure some of the flowers were hiding). Just as we finished the outdoor part and went into the conservatory (where it's all jungly, humid and huge tropical plants), it started to snow, so the warm room was a nice respite from the weather. Of course, going from cold to warm my camera kept fogging up so I kept getting weird photos and the focus didn't want to work. After a while, I just gave up.

Anyhow, here are a few of my favorite photos from Thursday's excursion. I'll put the whole kit and kaboodle up on flickr when I get home tonight and have Hulk's computer available - the uploader doesn't work on my work computer. Anyhow:

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