Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I had my 6-month dental checkup and cleaning yesterday.

Good news: For the first time I can ever remember, I have no new cavities. My dental hygenist praised my brushing and flossing and claimed I had no plaque and my gums looked great.
Bad news: I probably have a cracked tooth. I have to see an endodontist to get a second opinion, but if it is cracked it will likely need a crown. Not that I have the money for yet another crown, but I'm also sick of only chewing on one side of my mouth.

My Show: SYTYCD was on last night, and yes, I read the spoilers religiously, so I already knew what kind of dances the partners had and what the judges comments were. I watch the show for the dancing, and I wasn't terribly disappointed last night. I really liked 3 of the dances and thought 2 were terrible and one was just bizarre (plus, the weird one was danced by my least-favorite couple). Unfortunately, people vote based on likeability or popularity or something rather than based on talent, so I have no faith in the voting tweeny public to keep the right couples safe and the crappy couples in the bottom 3. However, I guess if I really cared enough I'd get off my bum and vote my own self, which ain't never going to happen.

This weekend: We went on a hike in Evergreen (the foothills) because Dan had new hiking boots and wanted to break them in a bit before he tries a 14er in them. We got rained on and thundered and lightninged on, but most of the hike was really nice, plus it was an up-down-up-down hike (meaning up-down-up-down back) and my legs got a great workout. It was billed as a waterfall hike, but as you can see, there wasn't much water to be falling. We did see a cool rock that looked like a dragon, though.

Finally: Harry Potter. First, I'm totally pissed that someone leaked it on the internets days in advance. Now I have to avoid all kinds of media (because, apparently, the New York Times wrote an article about the leak and included spoilers in the article!) until at least Monday, because we're only buying one and Dan gets to read it first. I read really fast, so maybe I can get it done on Sunday if he reads it Saturday, but that means no hiking and no doing anything, just an entire weekend of reading book 7 - me on tenterhooks Saturday watching him read, and him wanting to discuss it with me on Sunday and having to wait until I'm finished. I am so afraid that I'm going to be spoiled and I really, really don't want to be. Spoil me on a reality show, sure, because I have no investment in that. But I want to read every bit of HP7 for myself and I don't want to find out beforehand what happens.


Monkey McWearingChaps said...

I read the NYT article posted online yesterday about the JPEG leaks and there were absolutely no spoilers in it unless talking about bittorren and lawsuits counts as spoilers.

I did stop reading the review this morning, though.

NPR has openly stated they're not going to spoiler.

MLE said...

Maybe it was the review that had spoilers, then. I'm just scared to look at anything that might possibly contain a spoiler.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

That's what I was afraid of, honestly, which is why I stopped reading the review. It didn't seem like it, it started out regarding the hype and whatnot, started talking about "young Harry" or something...and then I just quit. I'm honestly not even sure if it's the real NYT Book review for the book, but like you, I didn't want to take chances.

IMO talking about the ending of any book that carries itself on suspense in regard to the plot, whether it's Calamity Physics or Harry Potter, is very poor journalism. How can you not know so much of the delight rests in mystery?

I generally like NYT and would hope that they'd have higher standards for reviewing than that but you can never tell.

I'm way more afraid of blogs and google news, actually.

Happy reading this weekend! Any chance you guys could take turns reading it out loud to one another? I'm really going to try to stop myself, but I do see myself doing a straight readthrough. I'm also a very fast reader and it generally takes me from about 12:45 to 5 a.m. the next morning (that was for Order of the Phoenix...#6 just took me less time).

MLE said...

Monks, we do read aloud to each other (with other books) but it takes a lot more time! I read really fast - I think it took me about 4 hours to read OOTP and I don't remember how long with HBP, but it will take Dan a bit longer. And we're not getting our book at midnight but sometime on Saturday morning.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

I think Doodle knows the ending (lots and lots of geeky friends who headed straight for torrent) but refuses to help me download the book because he claims it would be bad for my eyes.

Alas, he knows me too well. I would read every bloody jpeg if I had access to it.

Oh well, at least he's willing to help me (legally) procure Veronica Mars, S3.

Yank In Texas said...

I'll warn you if I say anything about it. I'm getting mine at midnight and reading through as fast as possible.
And I hate the spoiler monkeys. Ugh. Stupid assholes.

Leah said...


MLE said...

Yep, it's totally a Luck Dragon.