Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Then and now

The cabin was awesome. Here is some photographic evidence, taken by Dan and myself.

I wrote about our trip in April and posted some photos of the creek. Here are photos taken this last weekend so you can see the difference.

This time, there was a wasp nest under the bridge that Toph knocked down. There was no Julie or Skippy, but there was a Matt and a KO. There was a vegan birthday cake, three nights of meteors, and a flock of wild turkeys walking by at 7:30 AM. We climbed 3 false summits of Rock Mountain and hiked an area that was burned at some point, and Dan took one of my most favoritest pictures ever.

Also, there was a really nasty hangover (mostly due to lack of sleep, though I'm sure the alcohol had something to do with it as well. Heh.) On the plus side, the water worked the entire time and everyone got as many hot showers as they wanted.

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