Friday, August 03, 2007

Wuxtry! Wuxtry! Wedding update

It's been a while since I wrote about wedding stuff. For anyone who is interested, here's the update.

1. We're heading out to CA in a couple of weeks to do wedding stuff. Dan and I have been researching caterers and photographers, having gotten some recommendations about both from a couple of different people. We're going to try to nail down our caterer and photographer on this trip. I'll be trying on the dress I think I want with my mom so she can see it before it gets bought. I'm still trying to decide whether to buy it in CA or CO - it seems like CO is the better option - taxes are lower, I can have it fitted here (though I doubt I'll need much in the way of alterations, luckily I seem to be an exact sample size) and sent there ahead of time to be steamed/pressed. Then I just have to worry that the dress actually makes it to CA. We have a variety of other wedding-related and non-wedding-related activities planned, including visits with friends and tasting some cake at the It's All Good Bakery in Oakland. I used to live a few blocks away but I never got anything from there.

2. Speaking of cake, it's something I really don't care about at all. If it tastes good, that's good. I was thinking about maybe making the cake myself, but I'm a little concerned about all the other last-minute stuff that will need to be done in the week we're in CA before the wedding. We're going to be doing flower-type stuff ourselves, either from my mom's yard, the flower mart in SF or grocery stores. Flowers are not a priority - if they're pretty, that's all that matters. The place where we're getting hitched is already gorgeous so we don't need much or elaborate arrangements.

3. We've got our guest list pretty much figured out and have already bought stamps (Star Wars and Marvel Comics stamps, natch) for invites, which Dan's been working on. We've got STD ideas as well. We'll be doing all the papery-type stuff ourselves. Address collection has begun in earnest. Dan's done a huge amount of work on the wedding website, and when it's more complete I'll send anyone the link who is interested.

4. We reserved a block of rooms at a hotel in the area after I did a whole bunch of legwork, only to find out that the one hotel in the town where we're getting married somehow thinks they're going to get a huge chunk of money out of people when half their rooms are under construction, including their ADA-accessible rooms (which Dan's grandma, if she's able to come, will need). Also, it's off-season. But they quoted me a price 100-150 more per night than most of the other hotels in the towns nearby. We're getting a really good deal on the hotel room block that we did choose, and it's much nicer than some of the other options that were more expensive.

5. The whole big idea of this shindig is finally starting to fall into place. We're moving out of the "this could be cool" stage and more into the "let's do this" stage. I'm really glad that we're doing this together, because I really don't think I'd want to marry someone who wouldn't be involved in the process. I'm quite looking forward to the day, to the party, to the gathering of friends and family, but I've gotta say that the planning part is kind of fun, too. So many options! So many decisions! Thus far, it's not been especially stressful. This makes me happy. I'm hoping we keep it relatively unstressful, because I don't see any reason to worry overmuch about it. At the end of the day, if we're married and people had a good time, that's all that matters.

So, that's the word on the street regarding the pantalones del nerd shindig. Tune in next time for the next installment of wedding crap you probably don't care about.


Yank In Texas said...

Yay for planning going well! Woohoo!
And I'm in the as long is tastes good and the flowers lool pretty camp. Firmly.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

Enjoy the tasting, it's the best part!!

The biggest mystery to me is what was done with all the extra food after the wedding. My sister's caterer made a TON, and I mean, literally a ton of food and because we didn't give instructions ahead of time, I think he threw it all out afterwards.

And it was really high-end, too...but Indian, so it would have kept (especially the curries and kebabs). It's a pity because everyone was at our house chillaxing the next day so we could have done with leftovers instead of ordering out for pizza.