Thursday, October 18, 2007

Trying new things

I haven't done it yet, but very soon on this blog you're going to see one of those scary lolcat buttons announcing my intention to participate in NaBloPoMo this year. I'm going to post every single day in November. I actually think this year it will be far easier than last year, since this year we aren't spending four entire days on a train.

Various people I know/whose blogs I read will also be participating. Several of them have announced intentions to write about a particular theme or with the intent of a specific project. Cagey's going to be writing about food; Monkey's going to chronicle her attempts to save money. I decided months ago that I'd blop again, but in the last week I've been thinking about what to write about, whether I should attempt some sort of theme or whether I should just blog haphazardly as usual. And then the idea came to me that hey, I can have several "categories" of blogging, maybe a few regular ones on particular days of the week. So I started to think of what those days might be - some of the more famous bloggers started day-of-week posts, like Amalah's Advice Smackdown Wednesdays and Frema's Tragic Love Friday. I don't imagine the 10 people who read this blog need any crappy advice, and sadly, while in high school I never wrote a many-chapter-long saga that was sort of a cross between a VC Andrews novel and any of a number of soap operas. But I did have an idea to read a new book a week, one I've never read before. I've gotten out of the habit of reading new things. So one day a week will be Book Review.

Also, I'm kind of getting married in a few months. I've held off on blogging much about it, but I'm going to let myself write anything I want about the wedding one day a week in November. Sort of a wedding news-type-thing. And I've been feeling rather stagnant in my gym routine, as I mentioned a little while ago, so I decided to start taking new classes at my gym. So far, I've taken vinyasa yoga, power pump, chi gong, and (just tonight) I did an hour-long spin class after doing my 45 minute weight circuit. I am tahred. But I hope to continue my "try new classes" streak through November (at least, in the weeks I'll be able to go to the gym) and I'll report on one new class a week.

So that's three "new" days. Any ideas for other stuff? Or should the other four days just be whatever randomness leaks out of my brain and through my fingers, like usual? Ooh, maybe I'll do a review of a new (to me) blog weekly. I've gotten out of the habit of surfing blogrolls, and being part of the NaBloPoMo group will enable me to see a whole bunch of new blogs. So that's four. OK, people, what else should I write about?


Leah said...

I like your usual random stuff, so I say go with the flow, although I have to admit I'm excited to hear about the gym and wedding stuff.

QIR said...

How about current events/world affairs? You live far away now. I think it would be interesting to hear your take on stuff happening either in your region or the world at large.

Abby said...

first off I love all your ideas for NaBloPoMo, but more importantly I thought you might want to know that you are the number one google result for "pantalones del fuego" :)