Monday, October 15, 2007

Whiling away a lazy afternoon

We got our first wedding present this weekend (they're being delivered to Dan's parents house as they have storage space and we don't have much); Dan's parents came down to have lunch with us on Saturday and they brought down an amazing gift from my sister and her fiance. I can't wait to use it. Neither can Dan. It's something we'll both use and really enjoy and it looks terrific on our kitchen counter. I'm still not sure how I feel about getting presents but this was one thing I've been wanting for about 10 years now and I did a happy dance around the kitchen when we set it up.

Our weekend was pretty much great, in general. Friday night I finished the baby blanket that I started back in, like, May-ish. I had knitted 84 pieces and had to sew them all together, and then had to weave in all the little ends (of which there were MANY). After it was all put together, I had to block it (rinse it in the bathtub in cold water, carefully wring out the water, lay it flat to dry on some towels on the table, and pat it into the shape I wanted it to dry). Saturday we had lunch with the aforementioned DanRents at a well-reviewed Mexican restaurant the next neighborhood over that we'd wanted to try for a while. It was a little early for tequila, but next time we want to sample a fancy tequila or 50 we know where to go. And despite the flies (? attempt at authenticity?) and flaky server, the food was fantastic. After lunch, Dan and I ran some errands around town, including several trips to various craft/art stores to get wedding-related supplies. I'm starting to get really excited about a few of the projects we'll be doing because I'll get to do something crafty that isn't knitting for once.

Saturday night was full of awesome smells; split pea soup and northern-style cornbread from scratch. And Sunday had a delicious breakfast, me packing for my trip, and a trip to my office to do some last minute prep before I flew down to Durango (which is where I am now). I'm in the same hotel as last time, though this time my room isn't quite so brothel-like (the wallpaper features gold fleur-de-lis on some sort of shiny blue stuff). My first training day went well and I even had some time to do a bit of shopping around town afterward. Unfortunately, the hotel where I'm staying caters more to the "romantic getaway" crowd than the business travel crowd, and they don't have wireless available, so I'm sitting in a cafe a block away jittering in my seat from the small chai I drank and the cookie I ate (no dessert tonight for me!). I totally forgot to bring my camera, which is a huge shame. Last night I had an amazing laugh at the best comedically-timed drop of a bite of pizza into a glass of wine I've ever seen. Now the most pressing thing is to decide where I should eat dinner. The Durango-Silverton train is returning to town; the whistle loud as the train's terminus is only two blocks away. The aspens and other trees are bright gold, and the sky is a deep blue, and everything is just as it should be for a fall day.


Abby said...

Your afternoon sounds beautiful and while I have never seen Durango in the fall (I was there in May) I am sure it is wonderful. Ah, aspens!

Cilicious said...

Are you at the Strater?
I always loved Derange-o.
Both the brothers graduated from Ft Lewis.

MLE said...

Yep, I stayed at the Strater. I think maybe I had one of the haunted rooms; I didn't sleep very well either night I was there. Wish I could have had more time to explore Durango but now I'm back in Denver.