Friday, November 23, 2007

Friday Fitness: Technical difficulties

Monday, I waited all day for the UPS guy, and despite spending the morning doing up-and-around projects, I didn't really exert myself.

Tuesday, I did a full weight circuit and then ten hard minutes on the elliptical at lunchtime. After work, I intended to take the "yoga for athletes". Unfortunately, because of Thanksgiving all of the regular yoga instructors were gone, so every class had a substitute. The yoga for athletes class didn't happen; instead, it was more of an ayengar or something, because the substitute teacher had a baby a few weeks ago and was really excited about doing stuff on her belly. So we held every pose for a long time and there was all kinds of deep stretching. Afterward, I was in some pain.

Wednesday, I went to the gym and did one of their suggested workouts for holiday season; I did ten minutes each on three different cardio machines at almost max capacity, then my normal crunches/leg lifts post cardio bit. We got sent home form wokr at 3 PM which was awesome, and after we got stuff together we drove up to Dan's parents house.

Thursday (yesterday) was cooking all day long. All day. There was a little bit of sitting (during which time I worked on other projects) but mostly, cooking.

Today, there was a lot of sitting. I sat and knitted and stuff all day. I had no energy to go outside to do anything; plus, the high today was 28F.

Dan has assured me he will accompany me to the gym tomorrow when we get home. After all the food we ate yesterday and all the leftovers we ate today, I'm going to need it. My goal (until we get to California) is to work out six days a week, or go to the gym at least two hours three days a week (one hour the other days). There's a dress I need to fit into and winter isn't helping things. I will totally be atoning for these few days of gluttony and this day of sloth. Lucky for Dan, I've pretty much opted against wrath.

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