Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Guess what I've won?

Yes. I have not yet told you all the cool things about Italy (or California, for that matter). I have started umpteen blog posts in my head, but I do have a good excuse.

Remember how I mentioned that both Dan and I got sick in Italy? I'm still sick. Really, miserably, disgustingly sick. So sick that a 3-day weekend plus Friday as a sick day did very little to make me feel better (Me sitting around doing nothing for four days generally equals cabin fever, but I seriously had no energy for anything. Sorry your visit with your family was overshadowed by me being sick, Holla.) Anyhow, since yesterday was a holiday I couldn't call to make an appointment with Kaiser until this morning, which I did (yes, I went to work today. I've not been here in a month, except for Thursday, when I tried to go to the gym, did 30 minutes of pilates and about coughed out a lung, so gave up on that whole trying to work out thing). At my appointment, the doctor looked in my ears and nose, listened to my chest and listened to the laundry list of symptoms. I mean, I've had sinus pain in my teeth and jaw for the past week - that's how bad it is. And I haven't been able to hear well out of either ear.

Diagnoses? (Yes, multiple.) A sinus infection, two ear infections (one in each ear), and a perforated eardrum that has stuff draining out of it. I suspected as much, and for my good guess I get to take 3 horse pills twice a day for two weeks. I guess we'd better go to the store and stock up on yogurt.


Monkey McWearingChaps said...


head pats and hot tea.

Can't even imagine the pain in your head, right now. Ear infections make me want to claw my brains out.

Yank In Texas said...

Ouch. That stinks. Sinus and ear infections- not a fun combo. I'm so so so sorry. **hot tea and things to make the pain go away**

Tis the time to be sick I guess. My entire office is down with something. We're a germ factory.

Clink said...


Feel better. That sounds...unpleasant. To say the very, very least.

Cagey said...

Yuck! You poor thing - sending good thoughts your way. STAT.