Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Back in the swing of things

--I attended a vinyasa yoga class for the first time in three weeks today. It felt great, even though I'm not capable of doing some of the binding poses (my arms/shoulders just don't bend the right ways). I felt so good after the class, and I really hope that my neck/shoulder stay happy rather than pissed off.

--My new camera should be here in a couple of days, woohoo! I am so excited to be able to take photos again! I have desperately missed having a camera for the past few months and I purposely waited to box up some wedding-related stuff so I could snap it before it gets packed for our drive to California.

--My skin is looking better, though it's still not great. I haven't noticed any new bad spots in a couple of days, so I'm really hoping it clears all the way up and the antibiotics will have been worth the digestion-related side effects. I would be eating yogurt, but I'm not willing to pay a dollar apiece for LESS YOGURT. I am seriously annoyed that nobody is selling 8 ounces of yogurt in a container anymore. Anyone else notice that? Every yogurt company has switched to 6 ounce containers and they're the same price as the old 8 ounce ones. Seriously, yogurt companies, you suck. I know, I know, I should be buying yogurt in the large containers, but I don't have a good way to bring 8 ounces of it at a time to work for lunch.

--I LOVE the spring time change. It makes me happier than just about anything else this time of year, to have that extra hour of light in the evening and feeling that the days are getting longer and longer. Colorado is just starting to squeak into spring (the air has changed from super dry to somewhat less dry) and I can't wait to see some flowers and some green after all these months of dead, brown, and gray. I wish we stayed on Daylight Saving Time all year, because nothing depresses me more than the fall time change. If I ruled the world, that's how it would go.

--The headache I had last night did not turn into a migraine, thankfully.

--I think I'm going to call in well on Friday (my birthday). What should I do that day instead of sit in my dark basement cube?

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judilyn said...

"but I don't have a good way to bring 8 ounces of it at a time to work for lunch."

Put the yogurt from a larger container into a smaller container that once held yogurt, and take it to work with you. Any appropriately-sized container will do. The grocery stores are full of possibilities in the housewares aisle.

Virtual hugs,