Friday, April 25, 2008

Reasons Fridays are good

At least, this particular Friday.

1. I am wearing jeans at work. I enjoy this immensely.

2. Hardly anybody is here.

3. We've got some good stuff going on this weekend that I can't wait for!

4. Best of all, the photographer has finished putting up the proofs. If you'd like to see them, go here, click on proofing, enter the password (stryker), and click on the different galleries. We have to pick a bunch to go in our album, so if you see any that strike your fancies, let me know! I really could not be happier with what we got from our photographer, especially since this is only the second wedding he's ever shot on his own (and the first where it isn't good friends he already knew getting married!) Not every shot is great, but there are a whole lot of really good ones. Hooray! (Warning: music, so turn off the sound if you're somewhere that might be an issue!)

1 comment:

simon said...

Very very nice - we sat here at the com puter and looked at all of them, even though it's about 450 degrees F in our attic.