Thursday, May 22, 2008

In brief

* I'm going to have to go on the record and say that tornadoes are probably the scariest natural phenomena to me. Luckily, I work in a basement so even if there were a tornado here I probably wouldn't know about it. A whole bunch of tornados ripped through the northeast part of our fair state today, including some that went right through the area where Dan's parents live and work (and my coworker lives/her husband works). Luckily, everyone I know up in that area is OK and presumably their dwellings are as well. Give me earthquakes any day; I know what to do in case of earthquake.

* I forgot to mention the best part of Saturday, which was that after we went to see Iron Man, we drove home and as we were driving through the alley to our parking spot we noticed a bicycle sprawled out in front of our car. This is unusual; people don't just leave their bikes unattended out in the open here because that's a good way to no longer have a bike. As we swerved around it, I noticed that there was a person lying in between two dumpsters next to the bike. We parked and took a closer look; the person was obviously breathing, but the bike's handle was all mangled and it looked like he had maybe fallen off his bike and gotten knocked out. I tried to wake him up with my voice and by tapping his foot with mine, but he remained unconscious. I was pretty sure it wasn't a bum, because what bum would decide sleeping in shorts and a t-shirt on a gravely, broken glass-y spot between two dumpsters while wearing a guitar on his back would be a good idea? So Dan called the police non-emergency line and told them the situation. Two minutes later, an ambulance, a fire truck, and two police cars showed up. I was inside, but Dan wanted to see how it all went down, and he reported that the guy was really unhappy to be awakened by paramedics (apparently, he was kind of rude about it, actually). We never found out if it was a bike accident (paramedic said "too much partying") or whether the guy needed any sort of medical attention (drunk? high? both?) but it sure made things exciting on our block that Saturday night. And I guess the local emergency services didn't have anything better to do.

* I have my second physical therapy appointment this afternoon. My leg's feeling much better, and looking much better, though it's still a bit painful when I rub it and when doing certain activities. And it gets tired easily. All I've done with it is walk a lot and ride the stationary bike, per PT's orders, so I'm hoping that since I'm walking normally and seem to be doing better that he'll OK more strenuous activity. It's amazing how fast I start gaining weight when I'm not working out all the time or at least as much as I usually do. It really kind of sucks.

* This restaurant near my work that was closed for several months just reopened, and aforementioned coworker and I decided to try it out. The menu isn't especially inspired, and their computers were down so they couldn't charge our credit cards for our meal. So they told us it was on them. Score! Free lunch! Though I'll probably go in there next week, cash in hand, and pay for it, because I feel bad. Also, I've heard told they serve gigantic slabs of cake. Just what I need when I can't exercise very much. But they sounded Really Good.

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