Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Food, poisoning

Somehow, Friday's food theme was continued through our weekend. As a special treat, we went out to dinner Friday night at a local Indian place (at which we hadn't eaten since April of 2007, which shows you how frequently we eat out). We split veggie samosas, Dan had lamb kebab and I had chicken tikka masala. Afterward we had intended to see the new Cohen brothers' movie, but we got to the theater and the line was frighteningly long. So we walked by Julie & Steve's place and hung out with them for the remainder of the evening.

That night, my tummy hurt when we were going to bed. I chalked it up to a reaction to the drink I'd had at Julie's - flavored water and vodka; I figured my stomach didn't like artificial peach flavor or there was too much aspartame or something in it. I fell asleep.

At 3 AM, I woke up. Things were very, very bad. I stumbled to the bathroom feeling seriously poisoned. Then, some really gross stuff happened. Yes, that. And that, too. At the same time. I was miserable.

Eventually, everything that could possibly evacuate my digestive system had done so in one fashion or another, and I went back to bed, but couldn't sleep for a while because I still felt kind of nasty. Saturday, we had grand plans, but I wasn't up for much of it. We did make it to the local Penzey's store and spent a few bucks replacing some of our empty spices and trying some new spices and seasoning mixes. The garlic we got is particularly tasty.

Saturday night we planned a somewhat unusual dinner but it all came together very nicely. We had an ahi tuna steak, seared, with gomasio (a japanese seasoning blend) on it; fritters made from the little zucchinis we grew, summer squash, and a little bit of onion, potato, and fresh basil; and steamed Olathe sweet corn-on-the-cob. Yes, kind of scattered, but boy was everything tasty. I'll post the fritter recipe on Friday.

Sunday we cleaned the house and Dan watched football and we prepared for Sunday's dinner for Dan's parents. I made a key lime pie (damn, those limes are tiny and take forever to squeeze!) from a Rick Bayless (Mexican) cookbook and Dan made a chicken dish from the same cookbook. We had a simple green salad and made some whole wheat quesadillas for appetizers, half with sharp cheddar cheese and half with the chocolate bell pepper (soooo tasty because of its deep color), some onion, and squash blossoms sauteed and mixed with queso fresco. We also made fresh guacamole and pico de gallo with stuff from the garden. Everything turned out really well.

I like Indian food much better when it doesn't make me violently ill. It might be a while before we go back.


Monkey McWearingChaps said...

Oh you poor thing!!! UGH.

Anonymous said...

Oddly enough my roommate also got food poisoning from Indian food once, unfortunately for her it was enough to turn her off the cuisine for good. Which is sad because now I am always on the look out for people to get Indian food with :)
Also the meal you made for Dan's parents sounds pretty incredible!