Friday, December 05, 2008

A small post about Christmas

When I was a kid, we never put the Christmas tree up (or, technically, brought the potted Douglas Fir planted above my placenta into the house) until a week before Christmas or 10 days at most. I never understood why so many people I knew put up their trees the day after Thanksgiving but we had to wait until so close to the day. My mom always talked about how it was a compromise, because my dad's family didn't put their tree up until Christmas Eve. Which in my opinion was completely n-v-t-s nuts, but I never really questioned WHY they didn't put the tree up until Christmas Eve.

I was reading a blog written by a Catholic blogger today, and she mentioned Advent and said something about being unable to wait until Christmas Eve to decorate. Then, like a bolt from the blue (or the yellow or the green) I made the connection between what she wrote and my dad's family practice. Because my dad was raised Catholic. THAT's why they didn't put up a tree or decorate until Christmas Eve. It had never occured to me before.



Crafty Mama said...

My in-laws still practice the tradition of trimming the tree on Christmas Eve. It's really an old tradition, one that I'm glad my family doesn't follow. I love having the tree up at the beginning of December!

Yank In Texas said...

Huh, I do remember hearing about that but my family never followed it. But Advent in church is rather solemn-no joyous hymns and no weddings.

Anonymous said...

I had no idea that was a Catholic tradition...thank goodness it was one my family doesn't follow. Waiting that long to decorate the tree would have KILLED me as a kid. I always wanted to get everything up ASAP.