Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Blogging by letter

Thanks, Hillary.

Rules: If you want to participate, leave a comment on this post and I will assign you a letter. You then write about 10 things you love that begin with your assigned letter and post them on your blog. When people comment on your posted list, you give them a letter and the chain continues on and on.

My mission: The letter N. 10 things I love. Hills, the letter N is hard!

1. Narcissus, nasturtium, nigella

Photo by me

I love flowers and bugs and outdoorsy stuff, and these three flowers hold a special place in my heart: narcissus, because they are beautiful and also because the scent makes me think of spring. Nasturtium, because they come in so many different colors and grow even in bad soil, and they're edible! Nigella, because they've always grown in my mom's yard, the seed pods are fun to play with, and because they're one of the few truly blue flowers.

2. Nano

Dan got me a replacement ipod nano for giftmas this year. It is blue and sometimes I want to lick it because it is so pretty.

3. Nerds

I've always found myself attracted to nerdy folk, and I married one. A great big one, in fact.

Photo by Leah.

4. Neil Gaiman's collected works

I've loved Neil Gaiman's writing since reading Good Omens, and have read all of his books save the most recent one. And in the last month I've read the first two volumes of The Absolute Sandman (one I gave Dan a couple of years ago, another he got for giftmas this year) and absolutely loved them. Neil Gaiman, you are teh awesome.

5. Netflix

We don't have cable. Instead, we have opted to use Netflix for the past several years. For the most part, this has been a good working relationship. We can get movies and TV shows that we want to see, delivered to our house, and we send them back without having to pay for shipping. What's not to like?

6. Nectarines

Less fuzzy than a peach, more flavorful than a plum or an apricot, I loves me some nectarines when they're in season.

7. Nuts

Walnuts. Cashews. Pistachios. Pecans. I love them all. Plus, I've discovered that if I eat a small handful of walnuts every day (as in, 5 or 6 walnut halves) my skin stays nearly clear! It's amazing, truly.

8. Names

I've made no secret of my love for names. Some of the names I like even start with N, like Natalie and Nathaniel. And my least favorite name (after Azzzz-pen, of course): Nevaeh.

9. Nautiloids

One of the coolest things about nature is finding math in the least expected places. Nautiloids are sea creatures that use fractals/the fibonacci sequence in the building of their chambered homes. Plus, they look really cool. One day, I'm going to knit one.

10. Narwhals

I've loved marine mammals all my life, and the narwhal is no exception. It has a horn! Like a unicorn! and it's a mammal that lives in the sea! How cool is that?


kbsalazar said...

In response to comment left on String or Nothing - I knit OpArt starting with long 14" DPNs, then moving on to a 36" circ. After a while the circ got too jammed, so I switched to the 36" plus a 24". The 36" held three sides of the piece, and the 24" held one side. Finally as you can see from my pix, I didn't bother blocking the thing into a square, knowing that my worsted weight cotton hadn't a chance of retaining that shape. Best of luck with your project, it's a fun one! -kbsalazar

Jess said...

I am totally with you on the Nevaeh thing. UGH.

Anonymous said...

I am completely with you on 3-6, especially Neil Gaiman. I can't wait to read his new Graveyard Book (which one a Newberry!), but the hold list at my library is crazy long. Maybe I will give into my amazon addiction and just buy it :)
Also I too have read the Sandman series, and it is easily in my top 10 books/series list.

Hillary said...

I'm sorry! I tried to hand out easy-ish letters.
Nice list though! I love nerds too.

Great Big Nerd said...

Hey, give me a letter, I want to play!

Anonymous said...

When you said "Nerds," I immediately thought you meant the candy. Someone send me home.

"N" is kind of a tough one, but see, you did great. And you didn't even stretch out the flowers to 3 answers, like you totally could have done...