Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I wonder if he still has it

The other day, I was reminded of the most bizarre thing I ever bought at a thrift store.

I was in the store with some of my friends who lived at the big house, including my college boyfriend and my friend Brett. We were shopping around for something, I'm not sure what, and then I saw it.

It...was...frightening. And also, spectacular.

It was a bra. But not just any bra. It was the largest bra I'd ever seen. I didn't think they even MADE bras that big. It was a size 48 HHH.


I was so fascinated with this gigantic bra that I simply had to have it. When we brought it back to the big house, we learned that the cups were large enough to fit a human head inside each one.

Here is some photographic evidence.

I have fervently hoped since that the reason the bra was at the thrift store was because the donor had lost a lot of weight, had a serious breast reduction, or both.

Sadly, I'm no longer in possession of the bra. My friend Brett loved it so much that I gave it to him.

It hung from his lamp for a few years.


Crafty Mama said...

That thing is awesome. I had no idea they came that big, either!

Nancy Goltry said...

Too Funny! What is Brett up to these days? I haven't talked with him in about 9 years!

Hillary said...

I can't help but feel sorry for that poor woman's back.