Thursday, April 29, 2010

And only a few peanut shells fell on us from above

My toes matched the field

Dan needed to have a good birthday, so I did what I could to plan one. A few weeks ago I bought him a new razor, something he's been wanting for a while. I looked into and procured tickets to a Rockies game. I took yesterday off and we went out for breakfast, got Quizno's sandwiches and peanuts, and headed off to the ballpark to watch a really high scoring game that went into the 10th inning. While I was unable to completely hide my boredom and displeasure with the hard, uncomfortable seats, I managed to watch most of (and even get into a bit) the game.

Straw Hat is back out for the season!

Nice mountains.

Rockpile = $4 tickets, no shade

After the game, we walked home and I cleaned the kitchen and made chicken parmagiana for dinner. I also baked a chocolate cake.

It seems like he had a pretty good birthday.


Jess said...

We were at that game too! Except we weren't bored, luckily.

Happy birthday to Dan! Glad he had such a nice day.

MLE said...

Where were you guys sitting? We were on the 3rd base line, section 338. Great view of everything, plus shade for most of the game!

Crafty Mama said...

You could be like the lady I saw on TV at the Pittsburgh Penguins game: bring your knitting! If I actually did this my husband would kill me but I *have* considered it! Happy birthday to your husband :)