Wednesday, June 02, 2010


My favorite part about Sather Gate is the bas-reliefs of nekkid men on one side, opposite which it says "Erected by Jane K Sather"

Last year, I lost my camera after we took a trip to California for Memorial Day weekend, and I bemoaned its loss not only because it was a good camera and a pain in the ass to have to replace a camera yet again, but because on the trip I'd taken some photos that I really liked, ones I was pretty sad to lose. Some were photos I'd taken of Wombat at 5 months old, others were from a wander around the UC Berkeley campus. I thought for an entire year about whether or not I could remember and recreate some of the shots I'd lost when that camera fell out of my backpack, so when Dan and I flew into Oakland last Wednesday, the first place we went (after a tasty Naan N Curry lunch on Telegraph) was campus.

Buckeye flower on my favorite tree

My favorite tree. It appears dead and completely hollow, yet it manages to flower and leaf every year!

Dedicated to my diplomat brother-in-law

Baberham Lincoln

Underneath the entrance to the clock tower. Maybe there was once a reflecting pool below it to explain why it's a mirror image?

This time, we went up the Campanile, the UC Berkeley clock tower. I'd not gone up since I was an undergraduate (when it was FREE, FREE!), and I didn't have an Alumni card, so we had to pay two bucks each for the view. It was worth it, though.

San Francicso and Golden Gate Bridge as seen from Campanile. Click to embiggen.

Go Bears!

I liked the brickwork pattern.

Ever wondered what the inside of a magnolia looked like? Here you go.

Dan took this one.

I remembered some of the photos I took a year ago, and found some other interesting spots to shoot. It was a good way to spend a couple of hours, decompressing after an early plane ride and gearing up for the several days of socializing ahead.

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Anonymous said...

Ha! "Baberaham Lincoln." I love you.

Pretty, pretty photos. I have only been to California once, and it was so long ago that I feel like the whole west coast is a foreign country to me.