Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Today is my birthday. I am 27.

I share my birthday with Chris Klein, Billy Crystal, and Albert Einstein (I was born 100 years to the day after Einstein, which is also why today is pi day).

My mom just called me and had her whole class sing happy birthday to me. I think that's the first time she's ever done that. It made me tear up a little, actually.

I have realized that today I am 3x3x3 years old, and it will be a long time before I turn another cool number like that. 3 is a magic number, as we learned from School House Rock and Blind Melon. The next interesting one will be 2x2x2x2x2 (32) and then not another interesting one until 4x4x4 (64) and then 3x3x3x3 (81, assuming I live that long).

I've always been sort of ambivalent about birthdays. I had some really shitty birthdays as a kid (my dog died on my 7th birthday, I was sick for 3 or 4 of my birthdays) and I've since had good ones and bad ones (mostly good ones since I've been with Dan). For some reason I always get a weird bout of depression for about a week before my birthday. Luckily this year it wasn't too bad. Monkey and I decided we're still in our mid-twenties (her birthday is about a month away) so I guess I'm OK with that. Dan and I did most of our carousing this weekend; our friends with whom we go to the cabin in Wyoming every summer came down from Greeley, and because it snowed and they were drinking they stayed overnight. I drank quite a bit more than I had expected to, but it was a very fun night and though my body didn't thank me the next day, it was still overall a good experience. Plus, we got a lot of pretty snow this weekend and I had some time to just stare out the window at the pretty snow coming down.

Friday: Full weight circuit, 30 minutes elliptical, 10 minutes crunches/leg lifts. When I came home I was totally and utterly exhausted.

Saturday: Walked a couple of miles running errands.

Sunday: Not a goddamn thing. I needed to rest, plus I had too much to drink Saturday night.

Monday: 30 minutes medium elliptical, 20 minutes randomized bike. Came home feeling like I hadn't done enough (reading about what Monkey did to herself this weekend made me feel guilty for not going to the gym over the weekend) but then Hulk reminded me that I had come home on Friday utterly exhausted, so I guess it was probably good that I got a couple of days' rest.

Today I'm being treated to lunch and will be doing my normal weight circuit and cardio training after work.


Monkey McWearingChaps said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

Are you getting enough vitamins and protein? I know that if I exercise too much without eating lots of protein and taking vitamins (I take an iron, E, calcium and acidophilus cocktail), I am tapped out within a couple of days.

All that sweating leaches the nutrients out of you. Don't overstress your body.

BTW, Mentos bought a heart-rate monitor because apparently you burn more fats at 60% of your maximum heart rate. We were talking about how when athletic exercise fiends such as us try to use those it feels like we're doing "no" exercise whatsoever but apparently his friends told him they really work.

MLE said...

Vitamins: Nope, haven't been taking my multivitamin. I probably should. I just don't even think about it.

Protein: I think I probably get enough, though I never eat red meat because I just don't like it. We do a pretty good job of making and eating balanced meals and since both of us are very active we make sure to eat a good amount of protein.

About that heart rate/burn fat thing: I've read it's a myth. It's mostly to keep people at a lower intensity so they can exercise for longer and won't quit after 5 minutes at a high intensity. Me, I go at a high intensity and resistance and what have you for the entire 30-60 minute workout on whatever machine I happen to be on. I have good endurance and I've been in touch with my body for so long (starting ballet at age 3) that I'm pretty sure when I'm getting a good workout and when I'm not.

-qir said...

Happy Birthday MLE!