Tuesday, April 25, 2006

April in Colorado = Schizophrenia

Saturday was in the 70s and sunny.

Sunday morning was in the 70s and sunny. Sunday afternoon was a bit overcast. By 5:30 there was a 20-minute long hailstorm that had hail ranging from marble-size to gumball-size. It was the biggest hail I've ever seen. And loud! It was so loud, I thought the stray ones might break the windows.

Sunday night it rained and yesterday it rained. Then the rain turned to snow. It snowed for most of the afternoon and evening and there was still snow on the rooftops, grass, and new tree leaves when I woke up this morning. It was also cold as fuck.

It's a good thing I waxed my legs Sunday afternoon, so I could wear skirts to work this week, and spent part of last week switching out all my winter stuff for summer stuff, isn't it?


Yank In Texas said...

And that is why I live in Texas where it's warm all year round and I only have one wardrobe now. I still have my winter stuff but it's just really taking up space.
I think I cold snap now would be in the 70s.

I used to do that all the time in VA. Switch out clothes only to have it freeze. Do not miss that.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...


I don't know how you could have left here (okay okay, twue wuv) but I am continually torn between the feeling of "IT'S CALIFORNIA" and "I could totally own a condo in Illinois!" Your rent stories make me want to cry my eyes out.

Anonymous said...

We have considered moving to Denver because of housing prices. The matter was much more urgent when I was pregnant, but now that I'm not, we've decided to hang in L.A. a while longer.

The weather here has been strange lately too--though no hail to report. But it has been crisp and breezy and it has rained quite a lot.