Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Boring Exercise Post, plus other stuff

While my mom was here, we only did some walking. It was WAY TOO HOT to go for a run or even walk to the gym and back. Ugh.

Which means today I was back in the gym for lunch. 35 minutes elliptical with arms (intervals), 25 bike (random). When I get home I might do my pilates video. 3.5 weeks to reunion. Breakfast: total and shredded wheat cereal with strawberries. Snack: half a luna bar. Lunch (post-gym): yogurt, baby carrots, peach.

Last night we had a big salad for dinner and ate our first home-grown tomato. All of our tomato and pepper plants are going nuts and growing like mad, and in about 2 weeks they will explode with ripe fruit. We've already gotten 2 red bell peppers, but this was tomato #1. Delicious. The herbs are thriving (basil, thyme, oregano, mint) and the zucchini has had lots of flowers but no fruit so far.

Anu, EEK, anyone more fashionable than I am: what should I wear to the reunion? Dress, probably, but any particular ideas? You both know my general shape and height and boob-waist-hip ratio. Plus, I can't afford more than, like, $75. Ideas?

QIR, I'm still working on a good idea for my challenge. It should be done and posted sometime tomorrow. And then, perhaps, there will be discussion!


Monkey McWearingChaps said...

It depends. Is this more formal? More casual?

Personally I think, whatever you might protest, that you have gorgeous, olive-toned skin and I'd go with a vibrant colour because most people tend to wear safe black to these type of events. I'm assuming because it's summer you're more tanned so you're going to be looking Italian babe?

Normally Express is for hobags but what about this top


paired with a white skirt, heels and silver jewellry?

There's also this dress, which is more california casual + sexy


that you could pair with a cheap pair of espadrilles (bakers has some)

Here it is in another style


Hmm, I hate all clothes these days but will keep my eye open when I'm at the mall this weekend.

You should let us know your shoe/jewellry blahblahblah situation.

Because the thing is that after all of your hard work, you could look totally slamming in a simple tube sheath of a vibrant colour and spend the money on shoes and accessories (because that stuff adds up).

You have gorgeous hair, btw, I'd leave it loose.

Yank In Texas said...

sounds like my gym time except you eat way healthier than i do. we have a tomato on our plants but we weren't expecting much yet. can't wait though.

MLE said...

Yes. Am very tan, despite daily application of SPF 45.

The funny thing about the black dress idea, Monks, is that I don't even own a little black dress. So I was kind of thinking this might be a good excuse to buy one!

But you're right; probably everyone will be wearing little black dresses. I'm OK on fancy/dancing shoes and jewelry, so am mostly concerned with finding a dress. That fits and makes me look HOTT.

And I never just wear my hair down! It gets in my face. I'll be getting a haircut in a week or so, at least a trim, so maybe I'll ask for a few layers so I can wear it down and it won't bug the shit out of me.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

I know you are hippy chick and all but if you can find someone to help you, I'd put a few layers in your hair, and blow dry it straight (put some of that stuff that makes it shiny on there) and get a side part.

I know, I know, "Monkey" you say backing away..."that's not me"

but you have such beautiful hair! I want to totally play with it and give you a modelly sexy hair down-do for one night.