Tuesday, July 04, 2006

It's a good thing I watered everything today

Because, for the third day in a row, it is now pouring. POURING. As in, sheets of rain are currently falling from the sky. The Hulk left 20 minutes ago to go for a run (it wasn't raining then). I bet when he comes back he will be SOAKED.

This is June weather, not July weather. And we had the hot July weather in early June. Someone has switched the weather months around.

One of the things I miss most about living in the Bay Area is rain, since it rains very little here in the mile-high desert. I'll take all the rain I can get, thanks. Luckily, it's not cold rain and not cold outside, so it's not uncomfortable to walk or run outside when it rains here. I love the thunder and the rain and the smell of the air and the cleanness of everything - but I feel kind of ridiculous for watering this afternoon.

I've essentially had a four-day weekend (yesterday I "worked from home" which consisted of checking my email and voicemail every few hours. I had about 5 emails and one voicemail all day.) I am very thankful for the opportunity to work on the house, the yard, and relax; it's the first weekend in a long time where I feel like it was long enough. While I'm not thrilled to go back to work tomorrow (who is?) I feel like I've really had a rest.

This evening, if the rain stops before it gets dark, we plan to walk down to Confluence Park (where the Platte river meets Cherry Creek) and play games and have a picnic. There's homemade potato salad (as healthy as I can make it), some rotisserie chicken, cookies, watermelon, and peaches (and booze!). And a waterproof-on-one-side blanket to sit on. I think we're going to need it. After the games at the two stadiums (baseball and soccer, respectively) there will be fireworks. And from where we sit we should be able to see both sets.

Happy Birthday, USA.

Update: As we readied our picnic and prepared for our walk, I looked outside and noticed the ugly sky and the leaves all blowing sideways in the backyard. So we decided to stay in. This was a good choice, as we had some torrential rainfall for about two hours, complete with nature's fireworks (some bright lightning and really loud thunder). We had our picnic on the living room floor and played chess. He won. It was a lovely picnic, and our kitties got to join us.

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