Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Three good things

1. It was "member appreciation day" at my gym yesterday, and they were giving out some kind of energy drink and snack mix (of which I didn't partake) and doing a variety of free tests. One of the tests was a body fat screener, and when no gymployee was at the table I picked it up, plugged in my numbers, and held the thingy until it told me my body fat percentage. Results: under 20%. It told me how many pounds of fat I am and I did a little math in my head and realized how many pounds of fat I am NOT, meaning I am over 110 pounds of lean tissue, muscle, bone, etc, and if I tried to get back to my high school weight I would probably die of anorexia. Damn, I have a lot of muscle. But I felt better about myself knowing exactly how few pounds of fat I would have to lose to be below a healthy fat percentage for a chick, and I went home with a new appreciation for my body. So that was good.

2. I found out that there is a big fancy mall near the hotel in Indianapolis where I will have to be for the first week of October, and this big fancy mall includes stores that I like (H&M, for example) that aren't even in Denver. How the hell do Indiana and Wisconsin have H&M and Colorado does not? It is a mystery. But at least I know I can do some shopping during the downtime.

3. I finished the baby blanket for Spawn3 of Cousin last night at approximately 11 PM, eyes crossed, vision blurred and swimming. The last bit was a bitch, being 9 rows of seed stitch for a border (140 stitches). Not like that means anything to you guys, but I felt a big sense of accomplishment when I bound the thing off and cut the yarn and put it down on my lap and said "Holy crap, that's a blanket!" Tonight I hve to weave in the ends and block it so it has time to dry before I leave on Friday. And soon I can start on giftmas presents, so if anyone has any requests (items, colors, etc.) speak now or forever hold your peace, because that shit takes time.

Sure, they may be small and petty, but we need all the good things in our lives we can get, right?


yournamehere said...

What's H and M?

MLE said...

It's a German clothing store that sells relatively cheap, yet better made than most teeny bopper stores, trendy clothing. It showed up on the East Coast a few years ago and California last year and I guess now it's infiltrated the midwest.

EEK! said...

Yay for H&Ms!

MLE, I completely spaced on replying to your Indianapolis email. Lemme dig it back up this evening and reply. Not sure I can make it out for a weekday evening ... will see if I can make it work?

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

I've been to that mall many times...it is pretty nice. I thought downtown Indianapolis was okay. A couple of their big firms interviewed me.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on finishing a blanket. I have only ever made scarves and hats, so I can imagine what kind of work that took.

Also, less than 20 percent body fat? Woo hoo!