Thursday, November 30, 2006

100 Things, Part Deux

51. Two of my favorite foods are red bell peppers and pomelo. In China Hulk and I split a pomelo the size of my head. It cost 40 cents.
52. I have both stripped and danced naked in front of a group of 20 people, most of whom I did not know. I did this voluntarily and had a wonderful time.
53. I guess that makes me somewhat of an exhibitionist, though I wouldn't do it in public.
54. One thing that makes me really happy is when I see or read about fathers who really enjoy their children.
55. My father did not enjoy his children. He enjoys his dog, though.
56. I have late-onset inherited vertigo that first manifested when I was 20 years old. It totally sucks, because I can't climb trees and have a hard time climbing rocks anymore. I spent my childhood doing both.
57. We had chickens when I was a kid, and two of them were South American chickens of some sort that laid green and blue eggs. I learned that chickens can be really mean because it was my job to gather eggs.
58. We also lived on a cattle ranch, and I learned that cows can be really mean, too.
59. I am pyrophobic, though not as bad as I used to be. But I still would rather let other people play with fire.
60. I have always felt like myself. Even when I was a little kid. I honestly don't feel any different or more adult or anything at 27 than I did at 7.
61. In a situation in which a lot of blood or pain on the part of someone else is involved, I go into total focus mode and I do first aid or whatever needs doing. I have no problem watching operations on TV or blood and guts on "E.R." But I can't stand watching plastic surgery (like on "Nip/Tuck").
62. While I like music, I've never been enough into it to really know much about individual bands or songs. I have no idea what's popular these days or what bands are good or anything.
63. I have always been afraid to try things I'm not absolutely sure I'll understand or be good at. Yes, Hulk, this is why I have yet to knit you a sweater.
64. In fact, my first inclination when something is difficult is to give up. I'm so competitive (with myself and others) that I'd rather not even try if I'm not going to win.
65. Most of the time, I make myself do whatever it is anyway.
66. My eyes are green and my hair is brown. Judging by the times I've tried on wigs, I would look terrible as a blonde.
67. I've secretly desired to be a blonde anyway, but I'm too afraid to bleach my hair.
68. I didn't eat macaroni and cheese out of a box until I was 10 years old.
69. This is also when I started babysitting my younger sisters.
70. I never once got paid for babysitting my own siblings, but I started babysitting for other people's kids when I was 12. I got paid for that.
71. I'm still not sure if I want to have kids of my own, but I'm leaning more toward the "have" than "not have" side of that equasion.
72. Yes, it's probably because I read entirely too many parent blogs for my own good.
73. At least one of my sisters is going to spawn at some point and then I will get to be Auntie Em!
74. There are entirely too many little girls running around with my name. It was mine first, dammit!
75. A shiver goes down my spine every time I take off or land in a plane, but nobody around me would ever know I was a little bit paranoid about that. I think I hide it pretty well.
76. I once had a job managing the house kitchen for my co-op. There were 28 people in the house. The job gave me a lot of good mangement and budgeting skills, but it sucked to have people knock on my door at 2 AM to tell me we were out of pop tarts.
77. In my entire life, I've only had a surprise party once.
78. I secretly want one every year.
79. For my 7th birthday I asked for My Little Ponies. I got 3 of one kind (identical) and 2 of another. Also, my dog died that day.
80. She was only 3.
81. My earliest memories are from before age 2. I actually remember my 2nd birthday party.
82. Most people I've told about that think it's weird.
83. I am weird.
84. Most people I know would tell you the same.
85. I like pie.
86. One of the things I like best about fall and winter is the proliferation of pumpkin-flavored things. I love pumpkin.
87. I wear a silver claddagh on my right ring finger that Hulk gave me almost exactly 5 years ago. I wear it in the "in committed relationship" position.
88. In some ways, it sucked being the oldest kid, because I had to wait the longest for everything. Case in point: ear piercing. I had to wait until I was 10. Lissa got hers pierced at 7 and Laurel got hers pierced at 5! No fair!
89. I am Emily #2 for Hulk. He also dated a girl who had the same first name as both his mother and paternal grandmother.
90. My hair has never been shorter than my shoulders, practically since birth. I was born with a ton of hair. No Winston Churchill babies in my family.
91. I wish there was some way I could perform in front of people again. It was one of the things I liked best about ballet and about doing plays.
92. I watch the Charlie Brown Christmas animated show every year if I have the chance, and I dance along with the kids in the dancing scenes.
93. When we were kids, my sisters and I used to sleep under the Christmas tree in our sleeping bags on Christmas Eve Eve. Maybe I will do that one night this year after we get our tree. But also, maybe I will just sleep in my bed, because it's way more comfortable than a hardwood floor.
94. I slept at a rave in college. Twice. If I gotta sleep, I'll sleep wherever I am.
95. Unless I'm too cold, in which case I will not sleep at all.
96. For that reason, I kind of dread having a newborn because I'm afraid I would sleep through a baby crying. Maybe that will be different when it's my own kid.
97. Hulk gives the best hugs of anyone I've ever known, and I've hugged a lot of people in my time.
98. I'm a very touchy feely person, but only with people I like (I like some of my coworkers, but you're not supposed to touch people at work).
99. I have a recurring dream that includes a childhood friend who I haven't seen since 1999. I still dream about him at various ages at least once a month.
100. Sometimes I wish I lived in California again. I'd move back there in a hot second if I could afford it.


-qir said...

I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed these last two posts.

Anonymous said...

damn we are so alike in weird ways. my handwriting always used to keep me from straight a's.