Sunday, November 26, 2006

Jumping Jeebus on a pogo stick we are home

Train 4 hours late
Snoring man again
2 days on train
Luggage took 45 minutes to unload; no ride because we were 4 hours late
had to walk home. with all of our stuff.

holy fuck am I tired.


Anonymous said...

My sympathies.
Wasn't there a bus you could take?
Like I said in your original train post, it would be so cool if the USA could revive rail transit to its former glory days.

MLE said...

We caught the mall shuttle up to the top of the mall (totally lucked out) but had to walk home from there carrying 5 backpacks.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

Not that it's terribly useful since we never live in the same place but you can totally totally call me up within a 30 minute driving distance for this type of situation. I've been there hauling umpteen bags at 3 in the morn by myself cursing public transport more than you'd know.