Monday, November 20, 2006

My sister's bird has inappropriate relationships with his toys

A day spent in Berkeley went as follows:

Fog, overcast, and palpable air
Parking rigamarole with bonus parking ticket ($36, holy shit the city of Berkeley must make a killing!)
Comic book store, shoe store, game store, headed through campus past the homoerotic football statue only to realize we'd left the nalgene at the game store
Back down to retrieve the nalgene
Back up through campus, passing babies that made us feel ancient, briefly pausing in Sproul Plaza to soak in the hubbub of midday - an a capella group, a "stop police brutality" rally, all kinds of other stuff
Down Telegraph in and out of stores, and sandwiches from Cheese & Stuff
Madhouse of Berkeley Bowl. Seriously, the worst I've ever seen it, at 3 PM on a Monday. It's always insanity, though, and I got some good pictures of the produce.
Picked-over Safeway, and a guy who had only a frozen turkey in his cart. Who needs a cart to push a 10-lb turkey around? (Besides mothers of small children)(OK, that was kind of evil).
General pedestrian vs vehicle insanity

But I loved it. There's nothing like coming home to a place that really feels like home even 4 years after you move away.

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