Friday, November 03, 2006

This time of year, it's not on my side.

I hate the time change.

Specifically, I hate the time change that comes at the end of October. You know, Fall Back? Some people talk about loving that "extra" hour of sleep, but my whole schedule just goes off (much more than when I travel, so it isn't like jet lag or anything). For the last week I've been wanting to fall asleep at 5 PM and then again at 8 PM. I wake up at 6 AM and 6:30 and 7 AM. It fucking sucks.

My food clock is all off, too, especially since I've been traveling so much. I normally eat lunch at 1:30 or 2 PM or sometimes even 3 PM, but when I run a training lunch is at noon. If I'm staying in a hotel, my sleep is all weird regardless, but strange hotel bed all alone plus time change? equals major suck.

I hate that it gets dark so early! I hate that I have to walk home in the dark (when I'm at work, that is). I hate how gloomy and depressing everything is, and adding the time change to the already-setting-earlier sun adds insult to injury. Ugh. Why can't we just stay on Daylight Savings Time all year? I like it way better.

I can only think of two things that are positive about the fall time change. Thing one: Hulk has this really cool clock that automatically sets itself with a signal from the Atomic Clock in Boulder. In the spring, it isn't that interesting (it moves ahead an hour) but in the fall it moves ahead for like a whole 11 hours and it's all clicky and weird for over an hour until it's completely reset. Thing 2: I LOVE the spring time change and the switch to Daylight Savings time - so if we didn't fall back, we couldn't spring forward, and I would have one less thing on my 340982340985-thing-long list about why I like spring.

The best news I'd heard in a while came when I found out that next year, they're going to extend Daylight Savings time for nearly a month. I can't wait 'til early March.


Anonymous said...

It's throwing me off, too. I keep getting up WAY too early, yet still getting to work late. I can't explain it.

-qir said...

I am far more thrown off than any damage switching between standard and daylight hours could ever cause. Bedtime at 2, 3, 4 am to roust at 10... not such a fabulous schedule.

And while it would be my most fervent desire that we could move the entire country one time zone over (that is, it would if I could keep a normal schedule), I can't get too upset at Standard time hours and the too many minutes of darkness. Regardless of whether the clock changes or not, it's still going to be dark when I leave the house, and it's still going to be dark when I leave the office. Whether the darkness ends at 8am or 9am, and whether it returns at 4:45 or 5:45 hardly matters. It's still just dark and cold for more of the day than really seems just.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

I'm protesting it, myself.