Thursday, December 21, 2006

See, I asked for a white Christmas, not a blizzard.

So it really isn't my fault, I swears.

Here are some pictures I took yesterday around 1 PM and then this morning at 9 AM (needless to say, pretty much EVERYTHING is closed, including all state offices. I cheered when it tickered across the bottom of the TV screen last night.)(So today we are having another snow day, and I'm going to build a snowman in my backyard because I've never in my life been able to do that before.)

Anyhow, pictures.

View out front window. You can see the tops of the fencing of our front bed. The snow was falling pretty hard.

View of backyard. Note the little bbq grill on the table and the top of the rose bush against the lovely privacy fence. Several inches of snow buildup on the chairs.

Corner of our block, 1 PM. Notice the small blue truck already somewhat buried to the right of the stop sign. The reddish fence is behind where we had our tomatoes and peppers this summer. Also, notice that there are still brave souls out there driving!

Corner of our block, with small beetle bravely making its half-buried way up the street. I would guess the snow is about 10-12 inches deep at this point.

Blogger won't let me put in more pictures, so I will have to do a post#2.

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