Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I asked for a white christmas, not white until February

First of all, it's snowing AGAIN. And it's under 20 degrees F outside. Brrrrr.

We don't need more snow! We don't need more cold! We still have snow piled up high from the first blizzard way back in mid-December!

Second of all, I am so not looking forward to getting on that plane this afternoon. To help dismantle someone's life in front of that person is not going to be easy. I will be happy to spend time with my mom and aunt (and Yank in Texas, who was gracious enough to offer me a ride from the airport to my aunt's house), but not so happy to be mailing off all the things my aunt has collected for the past 80+ years.

Third of all, thank you to QIR for sending me replacement fairies. I think I'm going to get some of those little plastic dealies to put on the backs of the wires so I don't lose this set. And I will make the gold fairy and the lone silver fairy into other pretty jewelry.

Fourth of all, thanks to the Hulk for posting this awesome comic. He really does have a flip-top head.

And finally, thanks to Loki for giving me a nice leg rub and keeping my balls warm this morning while I play on the computer. I'm off to finish packing (have to bring extra luggage for with to bring back stuff), go to the gym, and head off to the aeroport. I'm bringing my camera so I can show everyone what cool stuff my aunt has.

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Monkey McWearingChaps said...

Loki looks like such a charmer...but I have a soft spot for Petra-cat just because she has the most ridiculously beautiful eyes that make her look like one of those cartoon cats with huge peepers.