Thursday, January 25, 2007

My oldest friend found me a car; Nicole Ritchie is a skeleton

Oldest Friend called me today at work to tell me she was buying my car.

"What?" I asked.

Apparently, she needs to buy a car right now because she needs one for work and her current car isn't really functional. This friend is one of the best social networkers I have ever known - she is friends with hundreds if not thousands of people - and she put the word out that she needs a car ASAP. Well, someone she knows had a relative who wanted to sell, and the price was right, so she's jumping on it.

When I visited her in September, we were talking about cars and I told her what I was looking for. So when she found out the car she was buying was a 2001 Subaru Impreza Outback Sport with 60K miles on it and selling for $8K (original owner selling), she realized that she was buying my car. It's even green!

The cool part is that she's going to drive this car for a few months while she looks for what she REALLY wants in a car (her new job pays her lots of money and she may end up needing an SUV for work anyhow) and then she's going to sell it to me. So it appears as though I will finally have the car I want, like, exactly the car I want, in just a few months. Sweet! Hulk's going to have to teach me how to drive a manual, but it's something everybody should know how to do anyway, right?

Also, for her job she got to go to Sundance and she saw all kinds of famous people, who are apparently even skinnier (Nicole Ritchie) and sluttier (Tara Reid) and at least as creepy (the guy who plays the son on Nip/Tuck, a cross between Michael Jackson and Peter Gallagher) in real life as in pictures and on TV. (She also saw more well-respected stars, like Anthony Hopkins, but he doesn't have a bad boob job or an obvious eating disorder.) She also saw Sean Whateverthehellhecallshimselfthesedays Combs in an exclusive club and says he's a great performer.

Also, today it is 41 degrees and sunny, and I had to go outside and just stand in the sun for a few minutes. I hardly even needed the sweater I was wearing. Maybe a little of the gross old snow we've had for the last 5 weeks will melt a little.(Unfortunately, we're supposed to get ANOTHER storm this weekend. Ugh.)

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