Monday, March 05, 2007

Good advice Monday

Stolen from here:

* If you're cooking rehydrated dried beans to put in a yummy soup, it's a bad idea to leave the top off the pot while the water boils, especially if you live at altitude. However, it will give you a good excuse to buy a new pot.

* No matter how awesome a bra is, once the underwire pokes through, there's no saving it. Even sewing in the wire won't stop it from poking a new hole in another spot. Goodbye, pretty green bra.

* When you get a craving for ice cream, something you haven't had in several months becaue it's been so damn cold, and said craving lasts for several hours, the best thing to do is to take a walk in the Sunday afternoon sunshine to your neighborhood ice cream shop and get a child-size portion of black gold (dark chocolate ice cream with toffee bits) and chai ice cream. Enjoy the people watching and the doggie watching. And enjoy every bit of that ice cream.

* If you decide to knit a baby blanket for a coworker, choose a simpler pattern or one with bigger yarn/needles than I did. I spent hours on it this weekend and I'm STILL not done.

* Go bra shopping during a particularly bodacious time in order to give yourself a big ego boost.

* If you have to do a bunch of inane data entry at work, put on some music to make life less sucky. I recommend pandora.


-qir said...

For a refutation of Bradvise, see awesome blog:

For cool music options see also:

Yank In Texas said...

Word on the bra. Sigh. I need many new bras. I got fitted yesterday and I'm officially a 34D which means hard to find cheap-o bras.