Sunday, April 01, 2007

Answer; this week's "all of these things"

The answer to last week's "All of these things are true but one":

#4, I saw the last Sublime concert before the death of the lead singer.

See, it's a lie, because I didn't get to go to the concert. I was SUPPOSED to go (of course, we had no way of knowing the guy was going to OD), but my friend Laura's car broke down so we didn't go. And then he died. And I didn't get to see them one last time. I did see them 3 or 4 other times, so I guess I'm OK with that.

All the rest of those things were true!

All of the following things are true but one. Can you guess which?

1. My house almost burned down twice within two weeks the summer I was 9 years old.

2. I can lift one eyebrow at a time, but can only sneer on one side of my face.

3. Two flats of Vitamin Water and one case of Smart Water were delivered, unsolicited, to my house about 10 days ago.

4. I went to my senior prom with my best friend.

5. My cats both love catnip.

6. I once dated a guy from whom I learned 3 useful things: how to flip/toss the contents of a skillet while sauteeing, how to make my own salad dressing from scratch, and how to win at Scrabble.

7. I never ate boxed macaroni and cheese until I was 10 years old.

8. I ate Tiramisu in almost every country I visited in Europe in the summer of 2000.

9. My cousin's dad played the motorcycle cop in the movie "Sin City."

So, which is the untrue statement?


Anonymous said...

These ones are tough! I can't even guess.

MLE said...

No guesses at all?