Wednesday, April 11, 2007

This is only tangentially related to work

Everyone tells you not to blog about your job. Unless you blog completely anonymously and you have a job that millions share (like WaiterRant), you just can't get away with blogging about your job and expecting no repercussions.

So, I don't blog about my job, even though people who know me in real life know who I work for and kind of what I do. What I did today was have a meeting that actually went better than any other meeting I've organized or led before, and it made me feel really good. I'd spent a good amount of time on and off since November trying to get this group of five people (plus me) together for a day to discuss some things related to the program I run, since they kind of help me, though they don't officially work for the same place. They are all older and retired and/or have full-time other jobs, so getting everyone's schedules to match up was a bitch and a half. But it's a good group of people, and we had a lot we needed to do, and you know what? We did it, and we had fun, and it was really good. The end.

Also, we have a houseguest who has never been to Denver before, so she spent today galivanting around town while I was in my meeting and the Hulk was at school. I expect her home any minute to fill me in on the new wing of the museum that we still haven't seen (we're cheapskates and haven't remembered to go on the first Saturday when it's free for CO residents). Last night we had tasty Indian food; tonight we'll make Hulk some tasty dinner of some sort and maybe go out and do something fun, or maybe the fun will happen tomorrow night since Hulk's always exhausted on Wednesday nights. She'll be leaving early Friday morning to take the train back to the Bay Area (unfortunately, timing didn't work out so she'd be here on a weekend), so I'm going to take part of tomorrow off to hang out with her. She's an old friend with whom I've lost some contact, so it's nice to have a chance to reconnect, and when I bitch about family and wedding issues she understands since she knows my family almost as well as I do. While our lives are very different at this point, we still have quite a bit of shared history, and it's interesting to see where life has taken her.

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