Friday, May 11, 2007

The week of stuff

Wednesday I was in a meeting all day with over 100 people and I didn't learn a single thing.

Thursday I was in a meeting for most of the day with the same over 100 people, and I learned quite a bit about deaf education and blind education in my state. I translated a braille saying. I had to skip out on part of the meeting to attend ANOTHER meeting on my cell phone via conference call for an hour. The quietest place I could find was near the bathrooms, so I hope my fellow board members will excuse all the toilet flushing noises. When my huge meeting was over, I drove home and Hulk and I went to get some new plants for our yard (our landlords pay for perennials, most of which came back after our brutal winter, and we pay for annuals, the ones that are pretty, and also the vegetables and herbs.) We had homemade taco salad for dinner because it was too warm to have anything else.

Today I took a state car to attend YET ANOTHER meeting this afternoon. It's hot outside. Just in the 15 minutes driving to and from the meeting, my arm turned red from being in the sun. I guess I'll have to start bringing sunscreen with me for mid-day reapplications. Sheesh.

This has been an interesting week in some respects. I watched two people I don't know get married live on the internets yesterday afternoon. Well, I tried to, but the connection wasn't great and I'm sure hundreds of other people were all trying to watch too, so I waited until this morning at work when no one was around and got to see and hear the whole thing rather than see nothing and hear stuff. It kind of made me tear up a little. A friend of mine announced a major life change, another friend is taking her last exams, my little sister called to tell me she was still alive and to gab about wedding stuff. And Wholahay Brown got kicked off ANTM, proving that sometimes they do kick off the right person even though the other person is all phegmy and took one bad picture.

I've only been to the gym twice this week, which is extraordinarily low for me. I'll go again in an hour or so when I've digested the barely passable chicken caesar salad they fed me at today's meeting. I think today's going to be a weights and cardio day; I've been skipping weights for a while because I keep retweaking my neck/back and it's not fun to lift when your shoulder feels like it's being pulled out of the socket. This weekend we're gearing up for next week's road trip, and I'm going to call my no-longer-pregnant coworker and see if she's up for a visit on Tuesday evening since we'll be in the area. I predict her baby, being Desi, will have a lot of hair.

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