Friday, June 15, 2007

Hippo Bird Day QIR

Happy anniversary of your 29th birthday, and many happy returns!

29 reasons why I love QIR:

1) She is far more giving, thoughtful, and generous than she'd like people to believe

2) She has a fantastic black-hearted sense of humor

3) She makes a mean cocktail and stocks good booze at all times

4) She is not afraid to experiment

5) She is the sexiest Santa evar

6) She may just have the best ass for grabbin' in existance

7) She gives wonderful advice but only when solicited

8) Her blue eyes sparkle when she is happy or excited

9) She makes everyone feel welcome

10) She has tiny hands and princess feet

11) She likes ladybugs and bees

12) Her joy at spending time with friends and loves ones is, at times, palpable

13) She's the best at driving in SF I've ever witnessed

15) She loves the mountains

16) She loves to travel

17) It is wonderful to have a conversation with her even when she's sleep-deprived

18) She does not like rats

19) She's (almost) completed a goal that she had for many years before I even knew her, and despite the difficulty and challenge of that goal, she accomplished it with grace and dignity

20) She finds wonder and joy in small things, while having the taste of a connosieur

21) She is freaky and weird (like me!)

22) I learn something new from her every day we spend time together

23) She is far more beautiful than she knows, in many ways

24) One time, for her birthday, I made a cake, but the frosting kind of melted, so I called it an avalanche cake and she ate it anyway even though it was really weird-looking

25) She is crafty and creative

26) Her car says "hink" when she locks it

27) She celebrates solstice rather than giftmas

28) She's definitely on my top 5 list of good snugglers

29) Her heart is enormous. Seriously, I don't know how she manages to carry that thing around in her chest!

I hope your day is fabulous, QIR, and I will hoist a tasty adult beverage in your honor tonight.


Anonymous said...

awww. A better bday tribute I cannot immagine. --teary eyed--

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

Happy Birthday MG!!

Yank In Texas said...

Happy belated birthday!!