Monday, June 04, 2007

Scarred for life

The weekend was a mix of emotional ups and downs, social events, and relaxation. Saturday I went dress shopping with Dan's mom. I won't write another long post about dress shopping, but I will say that after having tried on a bunch more dresses (including some that were closer to my original plan of wearing something less formal, destination-y, etc.) I've realized that my idea of what a "wedding dress" is in my head has changed. Because after trying on 12 more dresses I'm pretty sure I know exactly what I want - ie, I've actually found my dress - and it's a lot more froofy and wedding dress-y than I had originally pictured. I'll keep looking some, I think, but I'm about 85% sure I've found The One with nearly 10 months to go. How weird is that? And the best part is that it's really really close to an idea I had in my head, that I described to Dan 6 weeks ago and he decided to draw it for me. Then I went and found it.

After dress shopping, Dan and I went to a pool party for a friend's birthday and we stayed for many hours enjoying the sun and the company of lots of other people, some babies and dogs, and a kid who insisted on bringing his skateboard into the hot tub (yes, it did leave a bunch of wet sticker behind, and yes, it was kind of gross). Then our friends Toph and Amber came over for the evening/night and left at noon on Sunday. After that I was socially spent/exhausted and had to take to my bed for a few hours, getting waited on hand and foot. I even got homemade popcorn in bed. Teh Awesome.

My sunglasses had broken on Saturday, and my eyes were aching from spending a bunch of time in the sun with no sunglasses or hat (bad mle! first time I've done that since moving to CO!) so Sunday afternoon we ran some errands and I bought new sunglasses - two pairs this time, one for the car and one for my purse. Other than that, it was relax city, exactly what I needed after Saturday's whirlwind. I also need a new bathing suit, since the plastic dealie that held the top of mine together busted at a rather inopportune moment during the party. Luckily, I caught it fast and I'd brought a tank top so all was not lost - and another partygoer brought an extra that fit me OK so I even got to go in the pool. I've heard Target has a good selection, and this time I'm getting one that's got a metal dealie, because flashing the 8-year-old in the condo across from the pool probably scarred him for life.

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