Friday, July 13, 2007

At least it's Friday

1. Nothing happened at work. I got one phone call all week. Nothing happens in July.

2. The weather finally cooled down a little. We even got a tiny bit of rain yesterday.

3. I woke up from my dream this morning thankful that people give birth to tiny babies and not to octogenarians with dementia. (I dreamed that I had to care for and corral and herd an elderly (fictional) relative who didn't want any part of moving around or going where she needed to. In the dream, I thought to myself "Man, I'm so glad babies are so much smaller, because you can just make them do stuff or go where you want.")

4. I'm a little annoyed at the hotel industry in Sonoma County.

5. For some reason, my fingernails seem to be growing freakishly long. I can't figure it out; all my life I've had weak nails that broke or peeled regularly. Then, suddenly, the last six months it's all I can do to keep them clipped at a decent length. I need to clip them again because they still aren't breaking and now I am annoyed to type because they are so long. Seriously, what the hell?

6. We may be doing some mountain climbing this weekend. Hiking for sure.

7. We will also be seeing the new Harry Potter movie.

8. They finally kicked off the guy on my show that should have been kicked off weeks ago. And I had no preference as to which girl got the boot. I have to admit that some dancers on there that I went in predisposed to not like (Lacey) have started to grow on me, while ones I liked so much before the elimination part of the show started (Hok) aren't as good as I wanted them to be. I'm still pissed that they kicked off Jesus two weeks ago. Stupid show! Nobody fucks with the Jesus.

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Monkey McWearingChaps said...

My favourite is Anya. Watching her dance the first week inspired me to call up Hightower and insist we take ballroom dance together. My top priority is still belly dance, however. Hightower already knows how to ballroom dance (ultimate metrosexual) but I'm so excited to take lessons.

Maybe we'll start with something on the easier side.