Thursday, August 16, 2007

Our trip, in numbers

Hours we will be in California: approximately 72 from landing to takeoff

People we are going to hang out with for fun: 7

Doggies to be met and cooed over: 2

Dance we will learn on Friday night with my mom: 2 Step (nightclub variety)

Size of sample dress in store I plan to try on so my mom can see why I like it so much: 16 (I will probably wear, um, a significantly smaller size than that, but they only have it in a 16)

Pages of document compiled by both Dan and myself including names, addresses, times, phone numbers, and directions to places where we will be having meetings/trying things on/eating meals: 4

Caterer meetings scheduled: 3, all on Friday before 2 PM

Photographer meetings scheduled: 2, both on Saturday at coffee shops 60 miles apart

Pounds of homemade sushi we will consume with our Saturday evening hosts: 789349873

Times I will sigh covetously over the new home and garden of our Saturday evening hosts: same as above

Types of ethnic food we plan to consume in restaurants: 3 (Indian, Thai, Ethiopian)

Miles we will be driving in the rental car: approximately 300

Old friends we will be seeing for the first time in many years: one, who unexpectedly emailed me a month ago to say he lives in the city now (we're having the Ethiopian with him on Sunday before we fly home)

Amount of excitement I have for the trip, expressed in numbers: a Brazillian


Yank In Texas said...

Wow. The kitties are really going to hate you.

Gabby is going through a super clingy, please pet me now and all the time, phase. HELP!!!!!

But it does sound exciting. I do love planning!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see you guys!