Tuesday, September 18, 2007

ugh and Yay!

I have 2 or 3 posts in my head, specifically one about this weekend and the whole process of registering (REI was fun!) and stuff about culture and gifts and expectations and whatnot; and also I am super looking forward to our trip to CA on Thursday afternoon (my favorite cousin is getting married) but Dan has gifted me with his head cold (that, I'm sure, was bestowed upon him by a fellow student; he's around a lot more people than I am on a regular baisis). I thought I would be successful in staving it off (he's had a few colds off and on in the last couple of years and I've managed to avoid getting most of them) but yesterday at the gym I knew I didn't have it beat, and by the time I got home yesterday afternoon I could totally tell I would be sick. Today I am sick. I really don't want to be sick with a sinus pressure/pain head cold on the airplane to Oakland, so I am considering taking an hour of sick time and heading home for a nap.

Oh! But we have tickets to Spamalot tonight, which my poseable Jesus on wheels has been nice enough to hold for us for the last several weeks. It's been a long time since we've seen a show (I think the last one was the Lion King?) and I'm super excited. Also, this weekend I bought some new nail polish and some makeup brushes at Target (yes, for the girl who almost never wears makeup. I realized when I was poking through my makeup stash this weekend that I have some stuff that is almost 10 years old. Maybe I should throw it out.) so I'm getting my coldy self all gussied up for the show tonight.

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