Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Things that have amused me this week

Loki is now approximately twice Petra's size, but he still tries to squish himself in to the space where she's curled up. Sometiems when he does this he can convince her to give him a head bath; other times he's just trying to annoy her so she'll get up and he can have the space she was occupying. Petra has decided this is her Warm Spot; it's cold out now and there's a heating register on the other side of the door opposite this weird little corner. The heat goes under the door and ends up on Petra. She likes warm spots.

Loki just likes to be where Petra is.

At the grocery store yesterday, I found this alien living amongst the parsnips. I think it's genetically similar to a squid, but obviously it lives just fine on land. It appears to be not entirely sure why it ended up living with root vegetables at the grocery store, but perhaps someone will buy it and take it home to make soup out of, and the alien can secretly creep into the person's room in the night and eat her brains, then inhabit her body and she'll be a Pod Parsnip Person. I will not become a Pod Parsnip Person, because I didn't buy the alien.


Monkey McWearingChaps said...

Petra has the most ridiculously awesome cute catface EVER. Although my fave cat pic you've ever posted is the one of Loki sizing up Dan's parents' birds. Maybe Dan posted that, actually.

Parsnip looks like something out of Dr. Who

Yank In Texas said...

Hee. I love kitty pics. They do love to bug each other so.