Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Wednesday Wedding Day, with Bonus Personality Test Results

Back in days of yore, there was a website that had several different tests one could take to determine things like purity, nerdliness, etc. One of them was loosely based on the Myers-Briggs personality test and it assigned one of 16 personality types (separated into 16 male and 16 female types) along the axes of Independent/Dependent, Good/Evil, Love/Sex, Provider/Taker. Several people on the message board where Dan and I met took this test and posted their results. At the time, my results were Dependent Good Love Provider, and my type was named "Pure Mountain Stream." I wasn't sure what to think of being called "pure mountain stream" because surely, even at the tender age of 21 I was not that naive, nor was I a nun. I remember there were a group of people whose results were Independent Evil Love Taker (for girls, this was "Drama Queen" - and yes, I did google this to find it because the site/test no longer exist - but an entry about it does exist on Everything2). It became kind of a joke, about the Independent Evil Love Takers and what that meant. I do wonder if I were to take the test today whether I'd still be "pure mountain stream" or whether Sparkmatch would tell me I was something else instead.

Today I was looking at something online and remembered that I didn't know my Myers-Briggs personality type. I've taken tests before but I never remember my specific letters. I found another test to take today, and it turns out that I'm an ENFJ, for those of you to whom that might mean something. The E and the F were moderately expressed, while the N and the J were more strongly expressed. The site where I took the test calls the ENFJ personality type "The Teacher" and says ENFJs are only about 3% of the population, so put that in your pipe and smoke it.

So, wedding. I think I need to write down a list of what all has been done, what is in the works, and what remains to be figured out.

Date/Location, deposit on location
Booked caterer, deposit with caterer
Booked photographer
Shoes for each of us
Booked hotel room block
Made and sent save-the-dates
Set up wedding website
Picked bridal party
Picked readers
Compiled guest list
Bought some decor stuff
Picked 2 ceremony readings
Officiant booked :D
Bought stamps for invites/thank yous
Bought materials to make thank you cards
found rental places for kilts/etc.

In Progress:
Playlist for reception
bridesmaids dresses (still need fabric, measurements, to sew dresses)
decor for tables, tent
flowers (will likely be mom's yard/grocery store/wholesale place)
cake toppers (have Han Solo, need Princess Leia in gold bikini)
invitations still in design phase

Still needs doing/figuring out:
rest of ceremony
book wedding night lodging
seating chart (can't be done until invites are sent/RSVPs come in)
rent kilts/etc.
caterer tasting and final menu
buy wine/beer/etc.
music for ceremony
gifts for bridal party
gifts for parents
make/print programs
finish/print/send invitations
find a jeweler to make my wedding ring
find Dan's wedding ring/have his ring made
figure out jewelry/hair/makeup for me
get marriage license

I have a feeling I'm missing something. OK, internets, what else should be on my "not done yet" list? Many of the things on the "still not done" and "in progress" lists will be done during our trip to California in December (caterer tasting, cake, booze/nonbooze purchasing, buy fabric/measure bridesmaids, etc.). Some stuff will have to wait until right before the wedding (like flower-related stuff, marriage license). But I have this haunting suspicion that something is completely slipping my mind - what's not on my list?

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