Monday, December 31, 2007

It's the end of the year as we know it and I feel fine

Wow - it's been a long time since I wrote anything. Um, hi? Hey, it's the end of 2007! Woohoo! 2007 has been a fantastic year for us - we got engaged, I bought a car, we went on some road trips, we planned a wedding (mostly), and we're spending the last few hours of 2007 organizing our stuff for the trip to Italy. Which starts tomorrow! Hooray!

Christmas was interesting, and we spent this past weekend with Leah and Simon (thanks again for the wonderful hospitality, guys!) We've hung out with QIR, Guatemalaholla and the lovely Katherine, and had dinner with Sara and Ron. I tried on my dress, we checked off everything on the "must do" wedding list, and we had our engagement photos taken (luckily, I asked my younger sister about the makeup issue and she had some excellent suggestions, which I took, and they worked out very well. More about that another time.) Dan gave me an ipod nano for Christmas which I am very excited about using on the aeroplane tomorrow. Mostly I am really excited that we get to spend two weeks in Italy eating yummy food and walking all the time, and when I come back I'll have a good 9 weeks of gymming before I have to fit into my dress again. And then - we get married! For those of you who care about such things, it's t-minus 3 months and counting. We hope to have invitations out within a week after we get back. But you know, I'm just not going to stress about wedding stuff while we're in Italy, because I'd much rather focus on having a great time. Thanks to a lucky connection, we're spending our last night in Rome (before we fly home) staying in a super-fancy hotel and we're paying about a 5th of what the room would normally cost.

I'm going to try to blog once or twice while we're gone, but no promises. There will be plenty of stories and photos to come, however.

Happy 2008, everybody!

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Clink said...

Happy 2008!

And you and I will both be suffering at the gym together - I need to fit into my dress too!