Friday, December 14, 2007

It's Friday again, so I'm going to write about working out

Monday: zumba/cardio kickboxing 60 minutes, power pump 60 minutes
Tuesday: 35 minutes elliptical 15 minutes crunches/leg lifts
Wednesday: 60 minutes yoga
Thursday: 60 minutes pilates plus
Friday: 30 minutes hardcore elliptical

I'm still reeling a bit from the fall last Friday. The nasty bruise on my leg is about two inches in diameter and still sticks up a good centimeter or two from the rest of my calf. My neck still hurts, both shoulders are feeling wrenched, and my butt was too sore yesterday to sit on the bike seat for my spin class, so I didn't take it. That put me a little below goal for hours spent in the gym this week, and on top of that a last-minute meeting requiring mandatory attendence kept me from the class I was going to take today, so instead after the meeting was over at 2 PM I rushed into the gym, worked out like crazy for 30 minutes, and rushed back to work in order to eat lunch before Unfed MLE overtook me completely. Hey, 30 minutes is better than nothing, right?

The Wednesday yoga class (new class of the week!) was supposedly vinyasa, though we did some crazy binding poses and held them for a long time, so there was very little flow about the whole thing. I'm going to start taking vinyasa classes from the guy who I know does good yoga classes, and it's really flow from one asana to the next.

Despite my paltry 5.5 hours in the gym this week, I suddenly seem to have discovered my abdominal muscles again when I look in the mirror. And there's a line, as Dan pointed out to me. I'm starting to feel pretty good about how I look, both in clothes and out of them, and optimistic that I'll be able to keep it up until March. My goal at this point is just to not gain any weight (and if I manage it, it will be the first winter in memory that I haven't) and have the dress fit perfectly (or, if anything, be a little loose) come wedding time. The only exercise I'll be getting for about four weeks will be walking (in Italy, in California) and running (if the weather's not too bad when we're in California), and I'm sure as hell not going to Italy and avoiding anything that looks yummy. Because what would be the point? Luckily, I'll still have 10 weeks after we get back to continue Operation Look Good in Dress.

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Anonymous said...

1. You amaze me.
2. Your wedding is coming up so soon! Squee!