Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Wednesday wedding day: All the crap we have to do in California

So, we'll be in California for about 10 days before we go to Italy. While we're there, we've got a whole lotta things to do and a whole lotta decisions to make for the wedding, because (as I mentioned yesterday) it's the last time we'll both be out there until we drive out a week before the Big Day.

Here's what we have to get done while we're out there:

1. Meet with tent rental company at the venue to figure out what kind of tenting we need in case of rain. Luckily, they are a) local, b) have worked there before, c) it's off season, and d) I went to preschool with the kids of the owners of the company, so I'm hoping we get a good deal. It's not like a whole lot of the space will need tenting (and it's already a patio, so we won't need a floor and will only need walls if it's actually raining).

2. Dress fitting. I'm hoping the dress fits perfectly and it doesn't need hemming so the only alteration it will need is a one-point bustle to lift up the almost non-existant train for dancing purposes. The store will press it and store it for me until the wedding. It's a little nerve-wracking knowing I won't be able to gain or lose much weight after I have the dress fitting but have to stay pretty much the same size until the end of March. I guess I can lose a little, but I can't gain any. I think this is currently the most stressful thing on the list. Why am I so worried about it?

3. Meet with caterers to do our menu tasting. I'm loking forward to this one. I think our food will be yummy!

4. Meet with photographer to do engagement shoot. We'll probably take photos in the redwoods/at the ocean, though not sure exactly where yet.

5. Stop by the wholesale flower place to see what flowers they'll have in March as back-up for my mom's yard. We might just buy flowers from Trader Joes, too.

6. Find a place to get a cake! Neither of us needs anything frou-frou and we've gotten a recommendation for a bakery in the area who will do sheet cakes for not too much $$. So I guess we have to go eat some cake. Darn.

7. Find fabric for bridesmaid dresses (with assistance of bridesmaids). Because yes, I am insane, and plan to make them myself. One of the things on tap for this weekend is to make the dress for myself out of fabric I already have to see how difficult the process is. I'm not anticipating it being all that difficult; in fact it's quite similar to a costume I made several years ago and this time I have a sewing machine.

8. Trip to IKEA for more decor possibilities.

9. Meet with someone about maybe doing my hair. I haven't decided if I'll have someone else do it or do it myself, but since I've never had my hair professionally done (I did my own hair for prom etc.) it might be nice to splurge on something like that. My only concern is the cost of having someone open up the shop (or come to us) really early in the morning since the ceremony's at like 11:30 and we're doing photos ahead of time.

These are the things I can think of right now, though I'm sure more stuff will come up either before we go or while we're out there. Everything else will have to wait until the third week of March.

So what am I forgetting?


Monkey McWearingChaps said...

Designing the colour scheme you will dictate your guests wear to be admitted. I can't believe you forgot that. I guess you're just not as klassy as other folk.


Clink said...

Gah! I'm stressed out FOR you.

And, um, did I read that you are making the bridesmaids dresses YOURSELF?

I bow down to you, o awesome one.