Monday, March 10, 2008

We should have done this years ago


Our kitchen is full of boxes, packing material, new dishes, new kitchen gadgets, new glassware, a new microwave, and a new George Foreman Grill (our dinner last night, grilled jerk tilapia, grilled zucchini and mushrooms, and homefries? SO GOOD).

Petra's room is full of boxes, packing material, wedding stuff, and all kinds of new camping equipment. We had to go to REI yesterday to pick up a few gifts that were sent to Denver and they were all suspicious about us so they had to call the people who ordered the things. Weird!

I will take photographic evidence tonight and show the world tomorrow why it is that I am afraid we will have to rearrange our entire house in order to fit everything in. And we've still got a few weeks to go. Woo!

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Cilicious said...

I *love* REI, but they certainly need to streamline their bridal registry procedure. Target's registry works much more smoothly, but REI had more fun stuff (and I had fond memories of my kids on the climbing wall.)